“What a great book!”

A Canadian bestseller, winner of multiple awards

A Canadian bestseller, winner of multiple awards

This quote by Ellen Vaughn on the front cover really sums it up: “What a great book!”

In the three years since its publication, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider has accumulated many achievements and awards:

  • Canadian bestseller
  • Over 175 launch events in seven Canadian provinces
  • Shortlisted a record-breaking 27 times for The Word Awards 2012
  • Winner of 6 First-place Awards (The Word Awards 2012)
  • Winner of 7 Awards of Merit (The Word Awards 2012)
  • Winner, Gift Book of the Year 2012 (Christian Small Publishers Award)
  • Winner, Nonfiction Book of the Month – October 2013 (The Book Club Network Inc., at www.bookfun.org)

My own story “O Canada” even won an Award of Merit (The Word Awards 2012) – how exciting!

However, as far as I was concerned, I knew this book was a “winner” the moment I started reading the other 50 stories in the collection, several months before it even went to print. How else could I explain the deep emotions that I felt – and that I kept feeling over and over, every single time I was proofreading a story?

This is what spurred me on to design a short Reader’s Guide describing each story and listing the main topics – such as cancer, grief, marriage issues, family, friendship.

See for yourself: you can view this 2-page guide and download it for free on the publisher’s website (here). And while you are at it… why not take a peek at the Reader’s Guide for the other “great book” in the series – Hot Apple Cider. It describes 44 more stories of hope and encouragement!

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