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Marguerite Cummings

Marguerite Cummings

Short bio:
Marguerite Cummings has a distinctively international background. Born in Belgium into a French-speaking family with roots in Austria, Belgium, Poland, and Romania, she moved to England in her late teens. There she completed an Oxford degree, attended Bible college, trained as an in-house technical writer and editor, and worked in computing, until her move to Canada in 1998. Marguerite now feels completely at home in Toronto, the multi-cultural capital of Ontario, Canada.


Marguerite’s story – My journey as a writer:
In 2005, feeling a nudge to get back into writing, I joined The Word Guild, an association of Canadian writers and editors who are Christian. For several years, I was mostly an observer. However, I also bought – and read – a copy of Hot Apple Cider, a 2008 Canadian anthology edited by the two founders of The Word Guild, N.J. Lindquist and Wendy Elaine Nelles. This book would mark a turning point.

In September 2010, The Word Guild’s newsletter immediately caught my attention: it announced that a sequel to Hot Apple Cider was on its way! Moreover, the newsletter invited members of The Word Guild to submit articles for the new anthology. I clearly felt a call to step out in faith and write once again.

May 2011

The result was “O Canada”, an article about a small group of parents praying for their local multi-cultural school community in Toronto. The article was accepted… and published in May 2011 as part of A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider!

The book went on to become a Canadian bestseller and win many awards. In particular, my article “O Canada” received an Award of Merit as part of The Word Awards 2012.

Meanwhile, the two editors (once again N.J. Lindquist and Wendy Elaine Nelles) had made a conscious decision to involve the 35 other contributors at every step of the publishing process – and beyond. What a fantastic learning opportunity!

While proofreading the other 50 articles in the collection, I rediscovered the editing skills I had gained as a technical writer. Moreover, I found myself enjoying each story so much that I determined to help all readers make the most of the book.

This led to the design of 2-page Reader’s Guide, and the start of a closer involvement with the Hot Apple Cider series. Read more on the Publications page!