Writing Tips

Would you like to start writing, or improve your current writing technique?

IMG_3461-CTip #1 – My best advice:  join a group of writers! What a great way to connect, get some feedback, hear about contests and opportunities… and enjoy meeting similarly minded people!

For Canadian writers, there are several associations available. Personally, I receive daily encouragement and practical advice from The Word Guild, an association dedicated to Canadian writers and editors who are Christian.

For the UK, check out the Association of Christian Writers.

Tip #2 – Try a contest! It provides a focus, a deadline, and usually a specific topic – great for sharpening the mind, and a wonderful catalyst for writing. However, make sure that you follow the contest instructions carefully!

Tip #3 – Use the writing advice already available. For example:

  • N.J. Lindquist (co-founder of The Word Guild, co-editor of both Hot Apple Cider anthologies) has created an entire website with advice for writers, named Write With Excellence. Check it out! There is a wealth of material waiting for you.
  • Wendy Elaine Nelles (co-founder of The Word Guild, co-editor of the Hot Apple Cider anthologies) has an excellent page of resources for writers (on her website here).
  • Take a look at the website “Canadian Writers Who Are Christian” and see if you can relate to some of the contributors. Looking up their websites can be very inspiring.

Have fun!